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“Wow!” Revelations

April 3, 2011

Really liked the videos…very cool and interesting ways to use images – both static and dynamic – to emphasize your content or even to replace text. Or just give users alternative points of access to the information you’re trying to provide through your website. Lawrence Lessig’s approach was particularly inspiring, especially in explaining the different ways your audience will expect to access and utilize what’s available online. I do think, though, that he overestimates the level of technological expertise in “kids.” But that’s not really his point, I suppose. Anyway, I’m now a fan of, too.

As for the other readings, I’d been through the Steve Krug book before and even though it’s a tiny bit dated, I think it still has some good reminders about the common-sense that should go into web design. I had also heard of Carole Guevin’s Rule of Three, and for me looking at the painting and noticing that my eye was automatically drawn to the light source first before any other element of the work was a kind of slap-on-the-forehead “of course” moment.

Oh, and I really liked the way that Hans Rosling narrated his animated graphs as if they were horse races. And I think we may be getting closer to the type of aggregated search technologies that he’s talking about, though it may be easier to incorporate some databases than others. But Laura posted a YouTube video that demonstrates that we’re on our way…

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  1. April 3, 2011 8:31 pm

    I’m a big fan of The first video I ever saw from it was on the intelligence of ravens and was hooked. But I’m with you, my eyes went immediately to the light source in the paintings – but not because I recognized the light – but because I’ve been trained by years of photography composition and online programming to make sure the subject is looking into the webpage instead of out of it. But it was a head-slapper for me too!

  2. Kellie permalink
    April 5, 2011 3:01 pm

    I’ve been a fan of the videos for a while. Always something good on this site. I think I need to start collecting the good ones I come across on Zotero since I can’t remember all of the things I have seen on that I like. I’ve always wondered how just a video of a speaker could be interesting but it proves that content and presentation can hold interest if it is done well. Hans Rosling was very much like a horse race! Good analogy. I actually went back and listened to it again and realized how caught up I was in the way he was presenting the information. I am going to go check out Laura’s YouTube posting.

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